Beauty Club

When will my Beauty Rands be loaded?

A: Your Beauty Rands are loaded once a month, after each successful debit order is reflecting in the Isabella Garcia account. This should happen within 2-7 days of your bank notification that payment has been made. You will receive an SMS each month to let you know that your Beauty Rands have been loaded.

How are my Beauty Rands allocated to my purchases?

A: Any Beauty Rands you have available will be allocated first and used towards the purchase of your qualifying products. Once your Beauty Rand balance reaches 0, your VIP discount will apply to the over and above amount.

How can I check my Beauty Rands balance?

A: Your Beauty Rands balance will show underneath the menu bar:

How can I check my Beauty Rands balance?

B: You can also view your available Beauty Rands by clicking “Beauty Bank” under the “My Account” dashboard.

How do I know which products I can redeem using my Beauty Rands?

A: Your Beauty Rands can be spent on products marked with a “BR” icon relating to your qualifying products.

This means that any available Beauty Rands will be allocated first and used to purchase any of these products qualifying products added to your cart. Any cash amounts spent on this product will be charged at your VIP discount rate.

Where can I view my past orders?

A: You can view your past orders under “My Account”

How do I pay over and above my Beauty Rands?

A: Once you have completed your transaction, you will be rerouted to “PayGate”, whereby you will be taken through the secure payment method to complete payment. This can be done via Debit Card, Credit Card or EFT.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

A: You can email your VIP Beauty Club Advisor at [email protected], or contact the VIP Beauty Club Team on 010 140 7141.

Do I have to use all of my available Beauty Rands in one purchase or will I be able to use a portion without losing the rest?

A: Any leftover Beauty Rands will be kept in your Beauty Bank ready to be used with your next order.

When will I receive my products?

A: You will receive your products within 5 days of completing your order

I made a mistake with my order, can I exchange it for the correct products?

A: Should you like to do an order change, please send your request to [email protected]

Do my Beauty Rands expire?

A: Yes. As long as you remain a Beauty Club VIP, your Beauty Rands will be valid for a 12 month rolling period. Thus, should you receive Beauty Rands on the 25th of August 2018, they will expire on the 25th of August 2019. Beauty Rands are used on a “First In, First Out” basis.

Can I still purchase products that do not have the Beauty Rands logo on them?

A: Yes. You may purchase any products on the website, however you will not be able to redeem Beauty Rands, nor will any VIP discount apply to the non-qualifying products.

Where can I view my VIP Beauty Club Terms and Conditions?

A: You can view the VIP Beauty Club Terms and Conditions here:

How do I get more Beauty Rands or add more qualifying products to my selection?

A: You can email your VIP Beauty Club Advisor at [email protected], or contact the VIP Beauty Club Team on 010 140 7141 and they will assist you.


Where do I put in my voucher code?


  1. Select your products and click “Add to cart”
  2. When done with product selection, click on the trolley icon (top right) to view your cart
  3. If you have a voucher, enter the voucher code (e.g. Lubbe001) in the space provided and click on the ”Apply Voucher” icon.
  4. Now click on the “Proceed to Checkout” icon to complete your order.
  5. Voucher/ Coupon Code may only be entered once, after which your Gift Voucher will expire. Therefore the total value of the coupon must be redeemed with one purchase.
  6. You may enter your Free Delivery voucher, if you have one, once you have applied your Discount voucher.
  7. When in Checkout, complete the Billing Details section by filling in your contact and delivery details. Proceed by clicking Place Order.
  8. You will receive confirmation that your order has been placed successfully and when to expect delivery.

Remember,  if you spend R750 over and above the voucher amount you will receive a FREE Fine Fragrance Collection worth R1 608!

How do I change my password on the website?

A: When you are logged in with your profile, at the top right corner of the website there is an “Account” button. Hover your mouse over that button, and click on account details. You will be able to change your password on that page.

Do I need to register on the website?

A: No, in order to purchase products through the website, you do not need to be registered. If you are registered, however, you receive exclusive access to product launches, specials and much more.

Do you have agents who sell your products?

A: We are currently working on introducing Beauty Agents. We will keep you posted.


What is the difference between a Cleansing Milk and Face Wash?

A: The Nourishing Cleansing Milk is a creamy “milky” facial cleanser that is rich and suitable for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin types. It is not suitable for those ladies who suffer from pimple breakouts. The pH-Balanced Face Wash is a foamy facial cleanser that is suitable for all skin types.

What is the difference between Super Defence and Fresh Solution Day Moisturiser SPF 15?

A: The Super Defence Day Moisturiser SPF 15 is formulated for mature and dry skin types. The Fresh Solution Day Moisturiser SPF 15 is formulated for normal, young or combination skin types.

Do you have an eye gel?

A: We have the 3 different products for use around the eye area.

The Ultra-Advanced Firming-Up Gel is our signature eye gel which also has anti-ageing properties.

The Lemieux Eye Crème is specially formulated to help create a radiantly fresh and firmer eye area.

The Golden Wonder Wrinkle Perfector is created to assist in making wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark circles and puffy eyes something of the past.

I have been using the products for a few days and I am breaking-out. What could be the cause?

A: Different people react to different products in different ways. What is most important is to determine the type of break-out, its intensity and which products you suspect are causing this problem. Your skin could simply be adjusting to the new range; you could be using the products incorrectly or using the incorrect products. Please contact us at [email protected] so we can assist you with your specific problem.

How does SPF work?

A: SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It measures how long the sunscreen lotion will block ultra-violet rays from damaging your skin. The number on the tube (SPF 15) indicates the amount of time you can stay out in the sun without burning, compared to how long you could have stayed outside without burning if you weren’t wearing sunscreen. For example, a sunscreen with an SPF 15 will allow you to stay outside 15 times longer than if you weren’t wearing sunscreen.

What is the difference between the 2 anti-ageing products in your range?

A: The Ultra-Advanced Firming-Up Gel assists in balancing the skin’s natural moisture levels while also alleviating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Ultimate Serum Replenisher assists in preserving the firmness and suppleness of the skin while also protecting the skin against pollutants, stress and other external factors.

Where and how can the products be purchased?

A: Our products are ordered directly from us and delivered to your doorstep via courier service. Please email us at [email protected] to place your order. Alternatively, if you have a credit card, you may order directly online on our website

How can I refer my friends and family members to you?

A: All our purchasing clients are contacted within 2 months after their first purchase for the opportunity to refer their friends and family members. If you are not a purchasing client, you are more than welcome to advise them to contact us at [email protected].

I ordered my products a while ago and still haven’t received them. Why is that?

A: If it is your first purchase, Isabella Garcia products are usually delivered within 10-14 working days after the first successful debit order deduction from your account. If you made direct and total payment via EFT or Credit card, please contact us so we can further investigate and assist.

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?

A: The Isabella Garcia products are safe to use during pregnancy

Are Isabella Garcia products tested on animals?

A: At Isabella Garcia we do not condone nor practice any form of animal testing with any of our finalised products! We have never conducted any sort of animal testing on our cosmetic and personal care end-products, during any stage of their development or manufacturing thereof. Nor have we ever commissioned any such testing to be done on our behalf and we do not plan to commission or perform any such testing in future.

Why was my first instalment deducted without me receiving my package?

A: Isabella Garcia Products are delivered within 10-14 working days after the first successful deduction from a client’s account. This is to ensure that we have the appropriate details and serves as an insurance deposit for the remaining amounts.

Why was another hamper delivered to me without my consent?

A: You have previously agreed to be one of our Isabella Garcia Ambassador in a sales call. The hamper which you received now is your second Isabella Garcia Ambassador Hamper. The Ambassadorship is a lifetime friendship between you as our most loyal client and Isabella Garcia.

Being an Isabella Garcia Ambassador entails that you will continue to receive your personalised hamper of beauty products on an on-going basis every 8-12 months (depending on the offer you purchased). The price you are charged per product will remain the same for at least 12 months. With each hamper you will receive amazing benefits and free gifts.

Why do the products make my skin darker?

A: Please ensure that you are not applying the Control Complex Night + Day Crème without a separate SPF during the day or that you do not apply the AHA Renewal Crème Exfoliant during the day. It is important to remember that if you are in the sun for more than 2 hours, you will be required to use a cream with a higher SPF.

What can I use for pigmentation?

A: The AHA Renewal Crème Exfoliant assists with pigmentation, however it is not suitable for sensitive skin types.

You may also use the Royal Jelly Cellular Active Serum.


How does the Metamorphosis work?

A: Our Metamorphosis Perfect Cover creates an even colour to match your specific complexion. It is both soft and moisturizing and contains special microencapsulated intelligent pigments that release their colour when applied to the skin. It creates and even colour to perfectly match your complexion and provides the skin with a natural luminous glow.