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Employee Testimonials

I have been at Isabella Garcia for seven years now, it feels like just the other day that I walked through the doors. Like they say time flies when you are having fun; cliché I know but I really enjoy being here. So far this has been an amazing journey of self-discovery and growth. I have always been pushed to reach my fullest potential as there are always opportunities to excel. This is more than just a place of work, but it has become my family away from home. Not only are my colleagues great individuals but I have the amazing opportunity of working under a well-rounded CEO and Director. Thank you IG for the experience.

Charlene Stoffels

Age 30, BA: Industrial Psychology
Position: Quality Control Consultant

Isabella Garcia has given me the gift of new skills, good pay (finally a chance to progress in life), a safe and happy work environment. I feel safe here and I don’t see myself leaving here EVER.

Michelle Fouché
Age 27, BA: Languages
Position: Financial Controller

“Since working at Isabella Garcia I have grown and learnt so much… and what it means to be part of a work family. I am blessed to work with such amazing individuals on a day to day basis.Everyday is an opportunity to learn at Isabella.”

Precious Kifuabala

Age 23, BA: Political Science
Position: Specialised Client Liaison