In the making of…

I am a mother, wife, daughter, friend and businesswoman, just like you.

Looking back at my life, I now realise that I have always been captivated by the essence of beauty and that my passion and unrelenting determination to make a difference, has been part of my being forever…

After school, I decided to focus my studies on Creative Design and found an undiscovered passion for fine art and the history behind it.

I started working at a well-known insurance company in South Africa in the Customer Care Division. My enthusiasm and the fact that I always wanted to do and learn more, resulted in me being promoted, in a reasonably short time, to Manager and later General Manager. It was during this time that I met my first mentor, who taught me everything I know about the art of leadership and the science behind running a business.

But my passion for beauty and my dream to make a difference was undeniable… and so a new chapter started in my life.

I met a second mentor of mine, Maria, on a warm February morning in 2008. My purpose: to find a new supplier that could provide quality gifts for our beloved insurance clients. Upon my first meeting, she repeatedly mentioned that I looked like the famous Italian actress, Isabella Rossellini. By the way, that is where “Isabella” comes from. I soon became an ‘adopted child’ – talking, asking questions and enquiring about her life story, her beauty secrets and skincare range.

Step-by-step I started performing small tests and found that the simplicity of the products offered new hope and amazingly soft skin to people around the world, including myself.

Isabella Garcia international today

And so, during 2010, Isabella Garcia was born. Over the past years Isabella Garcia has evolved into something more than just a beauty house – it has become a way of life and the rewards it entails are remarkably special and precious: self-confidence, self-worth and a feeling of contentment.

Thousands of ladies have fallen in love with their new best-kept beauty secret and the many letters and e-mails that I receive daily attest to this and continue to humble me.

With great passion, pride and dedication, Isabella Garcia launched four complimentary product ranges.

The unveiling of the IG MAN Skincare Range took place in 2012. Engineered for the modern gentleman, IG MAN was developed by a group of internationally recognised chemists to combat the effects that even the most challenging conditions can have on the skin.

In 2013, Isabella Garcia introduced 11 state of the art make-up products as part of the Timeless Cosmetic Collection. These ‘use to the last drop’ products were formulated and designed to encourage women to accentuate their unique features and to capture their natural beauty.

Every six to eight months, Isabella Garcia creates and develops a new Limited Edition Pure Indulgence Gift set that offers exclusive and luxurious products to pamper and indulge the entire body. You can view the latest set, our Café et Lait – Coffee & Milk Collection here.

2016 has marked the addition of a range that I am personally very proud of and extremely excited to share with the world. The Eternal Wonder Collection has become part of the Isabella Garcia quintessential family. Our line of next-generation Cellular Active Serums utilise state-of-the-art technologies, powered by nature’s finest active ingredients to deliver impeccable, result-driven solutions that embrace specialised beauty concerns. Skincare couture at its best!

It is my life long quest to be of service to you and to do whatever it takes to protect and nurture your body and soul. Beauty is not a state of perfection like the glossy magazines make us believe… Beauty is a living process.

Let’s build a foundation for a lifetime of beauty together.

Always at your service,


Zanta du Plessis

CEO and face of Isabella Garcia International