VIP Beauty Club Terms and Conditions:

  1. As a Beauty Club VIP, you will pay a monthly Beauty Club fee in order to qualify for VIP benefits and to accumulate Beauty Rands (BR).
  2. Beauty Rands is a “virtual” currency that can be used on the Isabella Garcia International website to pay for products.
  3. 1 Beauty Rand = 1 Rand.
  4. Beauty Rands are accumulated on a monthly basis upon successful collection of the monthly Beauty Club fee and will automatically be loaded onto the VIP Beauty Club VIP’s profile on the website.
  5. Beauty Rands are accumulated at a rate of 1:1.5 (one to one point five) based on the monthly Beauty Club fee.
  6. The Benefits associated with being a Beauty Club VIP include:
    • % discount on website prices.
    • 1 x Free delivery coupon per month.
    • Product-specific discounts.
  7. In order to redeem accumulated Beauty Rands, Beauty Club VIPs can log onto the website using either:
    • their unique link supplied to them, monthly, via SMS and e-mail which automatically logs them in.
    • their unique membership number as their username and password.
  8. Beauty Rands will be valid for a period of 12 (twelve) months from when they were accumulated.
  9. Beauty Rands are used automatically for qualifying products added to a cart.
  10. Beauty Rands cannot be redeemed on Special Promotions.
  11. Beauty Rands are not transferrable for cash or towards payment for any outstanding amounts owed.
  12. Exchanges will only be allowed on redeemed products that are in their original packaging, within 7 (seven) days of delivery. Delivery and collection charges will apply to exchanges.
  13. Non-payment of Beauty Club fees:
    • Should Isabella Garcia fail to collect in any month, we reserve the right at our discretion to double collect in the following month.
    • In the case of an unsuccessful Beauty Club fee collection, the member will not receive or accumulate Beauty Rands for the period over which the collection was unsuccessful.
    • Free delivery will be forfeited during non-payment periods.
  14. Cancellations procedure
    • Beauty Club VIPs may cancel by submitting a cancellation request via one of the following channels:
    • No penalties will apply during 30 (thirty) days from the first debit day.
    • After 30 (thirty) days, a 1 (one) month notice period will apply.
    • Upon cancellation, Beauty Rands will be available to redeem for a period of 3 (three) months from the last successful collection. After this period, any accumulated Beauty Rands will be forfeited.
  15. Isabella Garcia International reserves the right to alter the prices of products and Beauty Club fees on an ongoing basis.
  16. A 6% annual VIP Beauty Club instalment increase will apply on the VIP’s anniversary. This increase applies to the monthly fee as well as the Beauty Rands earned.
  17. If Isabella Garcia International believes that a breach of these Terms and Conditions has occurred, the Company may, at its discretion, take any action considered appropriate, including immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of members’ right to use the website, suspension or cancellation of membership, immediate removal of any contribution, issue of a warning and/or legal proceedings.