“…surprise I was quite smitten with the products…”

Good afternoon, I am a 45 year old secretary at a Law firm.

I would like to share my testimonial with you and your proud clients.

When I was first introduced to Isabella Garcia products I was sceptical, especially with the indication that the product was focusing on the skin types for the climate of our country. To my surprise I was quite smitten with the products, after I have been using a few well-known products already produced in South Africa. For the first time I could really notice a difference in my complexion.

What also made me thankful for being introduced to such a wonderful product, is the fact that I have been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus during April 2011 (with Lupus, the immune system is unable to differentiate between antigens and healthy tissue). The doctors immediately started to treat me with chronic medication to assist me with the symptoms caused by the disease. It was a big shock for my system and the handful of medicine I had to take, were noticeable on my complexion and my skin had become very sensitive.

Since I started using the products, within a month my skin had a healthy glow and all of my friends, co-workers and family noticed it.

Thank you for this wonderful product and may our journey continue till the end.

Kind regards,

Zona Koch