“…improved my skin so much that I am in awe of it myself.”

Good morning Isabella,

You are such an inspiration to me, reading all your wonderful e-mails and your life journey and I thank you for the opportunity to use your products which has by the way, improved my skin so much that I am in awe of it myself. (Please note I am already 57 years old)

For many years I tried all different types of skin products, but could never really find what I was looking for! Firstly I never said a word to my husband and girlfriends, then one morning as I emerged from having a shower (after my cleansing, toning and all the other things I required to do – having only used the products for 2 weeks), my husband came and stood in front of me, holding my face between his hands and said to me “I don’t know what it is about your skin, but you seem to be glowing”! Friends and work colleagues also noticed the difference, so this morning when a colleague of mine; Irene Swanepoel’s package arrived she stormed into my office and said I must come and see what the parcel entails. It was such a nice surprise for her, and then another colleague saw the products discussed it with us and mentioned that she would also like to give it a try!

Thank you once again for a “wonderful product”!

Tish Trueman