“…Isabella Garcia has changed my life…”

I want to take this opportunity to truly thank Isabella Garcia, and to share with everyone how Isabella Garcia has changed my life in a short period of time.

I have always been a person who takes good care of myself and my skin, but a few years ago I went through a very difficult time… both my mother and little girl passed away in the same year.

As a result, I really let myself go. I stopped using beauty products and I gained a few kilograms. It was as if I had just lost my zest for life (and it really started to show on my face).

I was 24 years old back then, and I am currently 35. I could literally see how my skin was ageing. I remarried and God blessed me with another little girl – what a wonderful gift! I have lost a few kilograms, and as a result I feel so much better about myself. But still, I was not happy with my skin and all the wrinkles. I considered Botox, fortunately I didn’t follow that route. Suddenly, out of the blue, someone from your office called me and asked for my information to send me an introductory pack. I was so excited when I received it, I started using it immediately. WOW!!!

What a difference Isabella Garcia products made to my skin. I look like young Tanya again. My husband, family and friends started asking me what I use, because I glow and I look fresher and younger every day. One of them even asked me if I started to use Botox.

This is all thanks to Isabella Garcia’s box that I received. I must really thank you for it. I believe in Isabella Garcia’s beauty products – It really works!

Thank you Isabella Garcia for the difference you have made in my life. I am now your number one fan and walking advertisement.

Tanya Lilla du Toit