“I fell in love with Isabella Garcia.”

Dear Ladies

Since high school I’ve been struggling to keep my skin problem-free. It resulted in a very low self-esteem. When I graduated about 6 years ago I decided that I’ve had enough. I used the most expensive products on the market trying to reverse the damage from previous years – but sadly without the so-called guaranteed success. The reason why so many skincare products don’t work for my skin type is due to an unbelievably sensitive skin. So much so, that I cannot use an exfoliator because I usually carry the consequences for at least 2 weeks and scars for even longer.

A few months ago, I went horse riding in the Kalahari desert. The day before we arrived, I stayed with a friend and forgot my skincare products in her bathroom, not knowing that she is a very dedicated user of Isabella Garcia. My friend offered me her IG products for that entire week. Needless to say, I fell in love with Isabella Garcia. Any product that can prevent my skin from going down the drain in extremely harsh weather of the Kalahari, gets my endorsement. My skin loved it. A lovely lady from Isabella Garcia called not long after my return from the Kalahari. It only took a few days and I received my products.

I haven’t looked back and it is about time… after 6 years of trying to find something suitable for my extremely sensitive skin. I even use less make-up these days as I just don’t have anything to hide or cover anymore… no spots, extreme dryness, imperfections or excessive oiliness.

Thank you Isabella Garcia for designing a product that fits me so perfectly!

With lots of gratefulness and gratitude,

Nina Joubert