“…NO WORDS can EVER describe the ‘self-worth’ these products have made me experienced tonight!”

Dear Isabella Garcia,

Thank you for giving back my dignity and making me feel that I’m worth something again!

My story begins with a phone call last Friday. An extremely friendly ‘Isabella Garcia Representative’ introduced herself to me, and explained that I was nominated by my niece to receive a travel size hamper of IG goodies! She asked me to please at least try it for 2 weeks and then see if I can see a difference…

The call was ended and I knew that “this call” is going to change my “life”.

Back to reality -and an awful week full of stress and worries and sleepless nights lay ahead! Then, out of the blue, on this Thursday I got a call from reception at my workplace, “please collect your parcel”!?

I was surprised to find that it was my IG parcel!!! I counted the minutes, seconds & milliseconds off… I wanted to go home soooo badly & try out my samples! Got home at 4pm!

Got into the bath & started using my IG products!! …..NO WORDS can EVER describe the ‘self-worth’ these products have made me experienced tonight! It sounds crazy when I say it…BUT, I felt like an Egyptian goddess while I soaked in my bathtub, with my ‘no name brand’ bubble bath and these amazing products on my face & neck!

I (for a few minutes) felt like a billionaire!! The aroma and texture took me somewhere….where I’ve never been before! ….and I WANT TO GO BACK!

All my worries, stress, fears disappeared and I felt ‘stronger’ than ever before! I felt more empowered than ever before and I felt soooo grateful towards my niece!

Isabella Garcia, YOU have changed my life tonight! I lost direction in life! I lost my hope; lost my focus, lost my dignity, lost my self-worth, I lost myself in these past few very tough financial years! BUT, you have brought me back to life! I have courage to face the mountains ahead!

I have courage to face the dragons that awaits me tomorrow when I rise and this will not give me sleepless nights because I go to bed as a ‘strong & beautiful’ lady and I will wake up like that as well! And I will start my day with a prayer AND will empower my mind, body, soul & face with my ‘self-worth’ weapon… MY Isabella Garcia products!

I, Nadia Botha, promise you, Isabella Garcia, that I will use your products from today onwards, for the rest of my life!

I will tell all my friends, all my family, all my colleagues & any stranger who would like to ‘chat’ about these amazing products! I will be a walking ‘testimonial’ of what your products do to ladies… not only on the outer side but also on the inner side!

Cheers to Day 1 for me & MY IG products….and hiep-hiep-hoeraaaaaeeee! On many more years to come!

Nadia Botha