“…I feel like a queen…”

Hi Zanta/”Isabella”,

As you used my testimonial in December, I wanted to give you a bit more insight into my life experiences and my experience with your products, and how the two come together. I’ve had a rough couple of years. There was a divorce, losing my daughter, a court case, etc. Yet I never stopped looking for options to improve my life. I just made a choice to take every day and make the best of it just like you did when you decided to go forward with your skincare range.

Since the first day I started using your products, it has given me such joy. Your products give me a little bit of an escape where I feel like a queen almost as if I’ve been selected to be in a movie and I am the star! This feeling shines through me during the day and it really works the entire day. This is what a woman wants and needs all day protection as well as hydration. These days my skin is perfect, all the pigmentation and dryness is under control and I really feel so much better since I have started using your product. It did more than just help me with my skin, it helped me with my daily life. I feel like I can look life in the eye again, even though my situation is far less than perfect.

Your loyal client,

Maryke Putter