“I can’t stop touching my skin to feel the softness of it…”


As you know (or I told you) I did not use any products on my face before.

When I received my free sample I first though that I don’t have the time for this; to read through everything as to how to use it or whatever.

I think in today’s rushed days we look for an excuse, but eventually on 21 March 2012 (holiday) I thought maybe I should read and start. I am so tired of work and want to switch off for an hour or two – that is how long I thought that would take.

To my surprise – after I’ve read how to use the product I felt like a child – why didn’t I use something before?

I am now 46 years of age turning 47 in December 2012 and could have prevented so much if I had only take more protection for my skin.

Currently or up to now I have not (thank God therefore) having any problems with my skin.

Anyway I started using the cleanser, toner and moisturise. This morning was the third time; I have immediately felt the difference even after yesterday’s morning’s first time.

I can’t stop touching my skin to feel the softness of it – it is so different. I did not think that something like this would make any difference.

This morning in the car on our way to work, I’ve noticed that my husband looked at me every three minutes, but did not say anything, but I’m sure that he sees what I am feeling.

I thought that I should do on Mondays and Fridays the product for twice a week and on Friday nights the product for once a week and on Wednesdays the product to peel of the dry skin.

I am so surprised at myself that I can’t wait for this Friday to start using the extra product.

Please be sure that after I’ve done with this sample – even before this is done, I want a price list of your products as well as an order form.

There is no way to stop me now – my skin feels so much alive.

Sorry to carry on this way, but please as I said this is my first experience and I am going to buy Corika (the person who gave you my name) one big present. This was the biggest thing she could ever give me.

Thank you very much so far.