“My expectations were way exceeded” “WOW!”

That is how I describe my first encounter with Isabella Garcia products!! I was absolutely blown away. My expectations were way exceeded! I would never have believed that my skin can be so soft, smooth and silky. It really does feel like silk! I just love how your product gets easily absorbed by my skin, not leaving it oily. The clean, fresh smell of your products is indescribable. This farm girl really feels like a beauty queen every time I put it on! I have two favourite products: First is the 3-in-1 Nourishing Night Cream. No more going to bed with an oily, shiny face! I have extremely sensitive eyes, but this doesn’t make my eyes burn and water at all. Love it! Secondly is the Exfoliating Face Scrub. I have very sensitive skin and all other exfoliators I’ve used always leaves me with a nasty rash. But not yours! I’ve finally found an exfoliator that even I can use! So happy!

Thank you so much for this wonderful product! I’ve absolutely loved it from the very first time I have used it.

Best wishes,

Lerina van der Linde