“What a difference I could see in just one week using this product!”

I am in my mid-life and recently went through a hormonal imbalance which really had a bad impact on my skin. I went for laser treatments, skin pealing, bought expensive and exotic facial creams…which cost me a fortune.

Finally my niece introduced me to Isabella Garcia, your marketing team phoned me and explained the whole routine. The consultant even did a telephonic skin analysis to ensure I get the correct products for my skin type. I received a trial pack and could not wait to start using the products as my skin was dry, dull and lifeless.

What a difference I could see in just one week using this product! One friend commented, “It looks like you had a face lift” and another “you look years younger”! My skin looks and feels renewed and I feel happier and very confident.

I signed up to get my products in advance… I don’t ever want to be without it again! My gift for signing up with Isabella Garcia was the Exclusive Fragrance Collection, what a treat! It smells fresh, feminine and makes you feel so special.

Then I signed up with my insurance and received a welcome gift, Isabella Garcia’s luxurious hand cream and body silk.

Girls, you have no idea. It is out of this world and I think we owe it to ourselves, this product is affordable, excellent value for money and to top it off, I just love the newsletters, packed with useful tips.


Lana Els