“…I could not be happier with the results…”

Good morning I hope you are well.

I received my Isabella Garcia Beauty Box on Friday afternoon and I am once again overjoyed! I absolutely love each product as I notice improvement in my skins appearance more and more with each product I use. I started off with my mom’s Maria Garcia cleanser and moisturiser when I was in high school and tried several different cleansers none with results that satisfied me quite like your products. Whilst studying cosmetology I had access to the skincare elite and skin type specific organic products such as Ahava Dead Sea products, I do think their products work but price and timely results are pale in comparison to what you offer and I have received from you. I have now upgraded to using your full skincare range daily and my scrubs and twice a week.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised anymore by excellent service, but I am truly impressed every single time I order or deal with your companyJ Thank you so much for the additional gifts added to my order at no cost, I love the honey spa products and I will definitely be purchasing the mascara again!

I am so happy to have found this product as I am super fussy with my mascara and this one is perfect. After all, by using your beauty products religiously I can get away with using no makeup other than mascara and maybe a little of my new cover cream ;) shhhh

I believe in your products and what you stand for and I could not be happier with the results as it is visibly clear on my skin if I do not use it or stop using the regime daily. The cleansers are nice and big and lasts me very long even with everyday use. I do not wish to keep you with my lengthy email, I would just like to express my compliments towards your company and how you deal with customersJ

Thank you once again for the excellent service and products and you always make me happy to show off the best version of myself and make mornings a little easier. Thanks to you, aging or struggles with my skin is not a concern to me now or anytime in the future.

Have a lovely week

Warm regards

Jo-An van der Heever