“…the service you gave me was extraordinary!!”

Good day,

I am very impressed with your product! I am 37 years old. I had to go for a hysterectomy at an early age (2 years ago) and after that I had problems with my skin. I was struggling with breakouts and bad skin. First it was dry and when I used products to moisturise it became very oily. I tried a scrub from another beauty house, but this gave my skin a red tone. I was miserable and used a lot of concealer on my face to hide the blemishes, but this made it even worse.

It all changed the day I received your product as a gift from Platinum Life after taking out a policy with them. I received samples of the Face Wash, Ultimate Serum Replenisher and the Ultra Advanced Firming-up Gel. This changed my life!! I could see the difference within the first week of using your product, and after a month my skin problems was something of the past!!

I now use less make-up and have a natural glow to my skin. My skin feels younger and much smoother and softer. I received a ton of compliments on my skin and felt better about myself!! And the service you gave me was extraordinary!! I never had consultants phoning me and helping me with my skin problems!! You really changed my life!! I just want to thank you for what you have done for me!! I bought a range of products from you and am using it every day. I even got my husband hooked on the Ultra Advanced Firming-up Gel (he will kill me for mentioning this of course!!). I absolutely love the moisturiser, the Face Wash, Face Scrub and the Spot Intense Mask is my personal favourite!!

I love the Ultra Advanced Firming-up Gel and the Ultimate Serum Replenisher, it just feels wonderful on my skin. In short – I love your products and will always use it. I tell everyone about it and advise everyone I know to start using it. I don’t think I will use anything ever again.

Thank you.

Hester Human