“…I will never change to any other product!”

My name is Elmarie Hugo, I live in Brits on the North West and I am 45 years old.

It is with great pride that I type my letter to you this morning. I am so fortunate to be a part of the Isabella “pampering team”. I’ve been using Isabella Garcia for almost 2 years now, my AHA Exfoliant and Ultra Advanced Firming Up Gel is part of my daily routine and without a doubt my favourites! It is with the greatest enjoyment that I can say… this is Botox in a bottle”. I use the AHA Exfoliant regularly for pigmentation and dark spots on my face – it is so much lighter I can hardly see it! People don’t realise what damage the sun does to your skin, at my age I stay out of the sun and use my AHA, that’s my winning combination. My Ultra Advanced Firming-up Gel smells so lovely and my skin just doesn’t feel the same if I haven’t used it. I usually use it in the morning and I’ve noticed that my skin is much softer and glowing after I’ve applied my make-up. I cannot be without these two products, not at all!!!

There are so many lovely things I can say about Isabella and her team, the professionalism is so significant, the service is excellent, all the gifts are lovely, the delivery to my door … everything is just so wonderful. The products from A-Z is fantastic, I will never change to any other product! I look forward to introduce friends to the Isabella Garcia family, and when they speak so highly of you afterwards, that is when I know I made the right choice two years ago.

Thanks Isa, it’s nice to be so spoiled and cared for by you and your team!

Kindest Regards,

Elmarie Hugo