“I was pleasantly surprised at how much clearer my skin looked.”

When I fell pregnant my face started to act up like a teenager’s, with all my hormones going “haywire”, I had pimples and a very bad case of blackheads. After my baby daughter was born, I started going for expensive treatments and after taking advice from a work friend I went for a chemical facial peel – that was the worst thing I could have done for my face. It left my skin tight, red and flaky and not to mention itchy! Because of the dry patches, I used more and more creams and lotions and that aggravated the blackheads and my skin even more. My face became oily because of all the lotions and as you know with blackheads, they left very ugly and dark blemishes.

When I received your gift set, my initial thought was, how can these products possibly work? Alas, when it was “mommy-time”, I applied my Refining Mask on my face and relaxed in the bath with a warm cloth over my face, after rinsing my face, it felt so smooth and reduced blackhead bumps. When I looked at the results, I was pleasantly surprised at how much clearer my skin looked. After toning and applying the moisturiser, my face feels so soft and moisturised but not oily, I love it! I will definitely continue to use your products!

Thank you!

Cindy Ferreira