“…your product is a miracle to me.”

I have been using Isabella Garcia for a year now and I am very impressed with the product. I am 41 years old and after using the product my skin is looking plump and brighter than it was before. Most of my blemishes have disappeared!

What really impressed me about this product was when I got burned on my face. I had opened a pot of burning oil when the flame hit me straight in the face. My face was scorched. The top layer of my skin was burned. At that time I used a burn salve to cool the skin down after washing it with cold water.

From the next day on I only used Isabella Garcia’s 3-in-1 Nourishing Night Cream all around my eyes and everywhere on my face and neck. I must say, my skin was always moisturised so I didn’t feel any discomfort with my burned skin, and my night cream helped the healing process so much so that I don’t have a scar to show for it. My skin has healed without going to a skin specialist. You will never say I had such a bad burn – my photo is proof.

Thank you Isabella Garcia, your product is a miracle to me. I always recommend Isabella Garcia to all my friends and family, my daughters are even starting to use the product. Once again, hats off to you Isabella Garcia!

Your friend,

Asha Dewnath