skincare tip 1 – Simplicity

Good skin starts with simplicity. Work on conditions that aggravate your skin.


skincare tip 2 – lots of water

Start by drinking lots of water to help hydrate your skin and body.

Recommended daily intake for women: 2 litres and for men: 3 litres.


skincare tip 3 – Balance

Follow a balanced diet.


skincare tip 4 – plenty of Sleep

Get plenty of sleep. Fatigue shows on your skin. It is recommended that you get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.


skincare tip 5 – Self-IndulgeNCE

Spend time on yourself. You owe yourself 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening to care for your skin.


skincare tip 6 – Be Gentle

Be gentle with your skin. Use only your fingertips to apply products to your face.


skincare tip 7 – Remove Make-up

Remove your make-up before going to bed. Good skin takes commitment.


skincare tip 8 – HANDLE YOUR BLEMISHES

Learn to handle your blemishes the right way and rather make use of a water-based foundation if you are under 35.


skincare tip 9 – Take care

Use exfoliators and scrubs with care. Try to avoid over exfoliating.


skincare tip 10 – smile

Your face tells a story. Worry and stress show on your face, remember you are never fully dressed without a smile.



skincare Benefit 1 – Prevention

Skincare and the technology available today will make the clock tick slower and will help you to look younger for longer.


Skincare benefit 2 – Protection

It protects your skin from free radicals, pollution, harmful sunrays and infections. These cannot only cause wrinkles, but it can also damage your immune system, cause pigmentation and irreparable harm to the elasticity of the skin.


skincare benefit 3 – potential

Skincare hydrates your skin and improves your complexion. Looking after your skin will give you a confidence boost.


skincare benefit 4 – Positivity

If you have particular concerns and problems regarding your skin, treating it will help you to minimise the negative effect it will have on your self-confidence.


skincare benefit 5 – preparation

There is no better time to start looking after your skin. Isabella Garcia gives you the hope and courage to start today.


skincare Benefit 6 – Pro-active

Every day you are exposed to factors that negatively affect your skin. You have to try and counteract the effects of modern lifestyles on your skin.

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