The ultimate guide to getting perfect eyebrows

The ultimate guide to getting perfect eyebrows 2018-01-29T14:49:13+00:00

The ultimate guide to getting the perfect eyebrows… Eyebrows play an important role in framing and shaping your face. Your Timeless Cosmetic Collection has all the beauty tools necessary to help you achieve fuller, more prominent and expressive brows. But before enhancing your eyebrows, it is important to correctly shape them according to your face.

Basic tips for creating the Perfect Eyebrows

The secret to having celebrity arches is to bring balance and harmony to your unique bone structure – choosing the right width, shape and colour is crucial. If you are starting out on your perfect brow journey, do not give up! Remember, you need to go through a phase of messy brows to outgrow your old shape, before your new, defined and perfect shape is revealed.

Consider your face shape.

You should consider the shape of your face when deciding which eyebrow shape you should go for. For example, a square face can be softened by a softly rounded brow, while a rounder face should seek definition with angular brows and high arches.

Do not wax!

Shape and clean your brows by tweezing or threading, since unlike waxing, tweezing and threading offer more precision and dimension to the brow shape. Before you tweeze, press a warm face cloth to your brows to relax the follicles. Once you’re done, hold an ice pack to the area to help fight inflammation or apply your Ultra Advanced Firming-up Gel to soothe the skin after tweezing.

REMEMBER: Shaping is all about the golden ratio!

By using a pen or your Sculpting Brush and 3 simple symmetrical lines, you can create a perfect, classic eyebrow shape.

The first line runs vertically through the middle of the nostril. Remove any hairs that are further than the vertical line.

The second line connects the centre of your eye to the tip of the nose. The brow should arch at the highest point here.

The third line connects the outer edge of your eye to the outer edge of the nose. This is where the eyebrow should end. Remove any hairs that fall beyond that line.

Once your eyebrows have been groomed to suit your natural eyebrow shape, it is time to thicken and enhance them. By using your beauty tools from your Timeless Cosmetic Collection and following a few easy steps you too can achieve perfect eyebrows.

The secret to enhancing your eyebrows every day.

STEP 1: Use the comb of the Sculpting Brush to brush the brows into place. If necessary, remove any small hairs in between the brows or below the brow bone using a pair of tweezers. Remember: Do not pluck too much. The idea is to create fuller, bushier brows.

STEP 2: Apply the I-Wear Eye Shadow as brow powder to fill in any gaps in your eyebrows, to create a thick and fuller look. Use your Sculpting Brush and gently apply colour to enhance your brows.

STEP 3: Finally, use your I-Frame Eyebrow Wax to enhance, darken and keep your eyebrows in place all day.