The foundation of sculpting your face

The foundation of sculpting your face 2018-01-29T14:51:56+00:00

How to sculpt your face

I am here to make a Star out of you, to help you achieve Isabella Garcia’s flawless, elegant and youthful look, with a technique as timeless as style, elegance and charisma… Sculpting of the Face.

The truth is that we all have different bone structures and although magazines educate us on the dramatic application of make-up, they don’t relate to a holistic view of our individual and unique features: Our face shape, eye colour, the proportion of our face and our character; not to mention that pictures are edited and do not reflect what people really look like.

We end up going to cosmetic counters, not knowing what to buy or how to apply it. And to make matters worse, using the latest colour of the season does not necessarily enhance our look or complement us.

How many eye shadows, mascaras, lipsticks and blushers do you have lying around in your cupboard?

I can make you a promise; once you have the right make-up and once you know how to Sculpt your Face correctly, you will use it to the very last drop.

We are not all the same, yet every single person has something beautiful and remarkable about them.

My gift to you is to share all our beauty tricks with you, to teach you how to Sculpt your Face, to give you tips that will enhance your unique features and to help you camouflage the features that you are not so proud of.

REMEMBER, it is not a compliment when people comment on your make-up… Make-up should enhance, never overpower.